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Panoramic Photo Collage of Abbey Road Studios – Studio 1

After a long day of event photography for Rock Choir’s recording sessions, I found myself standing in the huge, world famous, Abbey Road Studio 1. Just give me one good reason not to make a panoramic photo collage!

I thought very carefully about this one. Where should I stand? What objects are nearby, and where will the further objects appear throughout the image as the camera slowly pans around from one image to the next? When I first started my 360 degree panoramic photographs, I was determined that it would remain abstract photography over and above an exact science. But knowing where to stand, where to start and how to compose from the beginning? Whichever way you look at it, that still takes a lot of careful consideration.

I hope you enjoy seeing my photographic collage of Studio 1. I also produced another photo collage of Studio 2, which is where the Beatles did much of their recording. I’ll feature that one in due course.

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Abbey Road Studio 1