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5 people you WILL meet at a wedding if you're the photographer

When I’m not shooting street, I’m also a wedding and event photographer specialising in documentary style photography. I love photographing weddings. It’s a wonderful way to work for lovely people at a happy occasion, with real scope for photographic creativity. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a wedding where I haven’t enjoyed meeting the guests and spending the day in their company.

But some guests become a bit more familiar than others! So here are five people I pretty much guarantee you’ll meet at weddings on a regular basis - popping up to say hello like an old friend:

1. Uncle Bob

Uncle Bob is not the wedding photographer. But he'd like to be. The family all know how keen Uncle Bob is on his photography. He therefore relishes spending the day with his enormous SLR and flash units around his neck, perhaps somewhat neglecting his ushering duties in the process. Uncle Bob, of course, takes a great interest in what you're doing and likes to get a good rundown of the technical settings you just used on that last shot. And what adjustments you’re making for the next one. He’s usually quite keen to have a good old chat about your lenses as well - although, sadly, not always at the most convenient of times!

2. Auntie Mabel

Everyone loves Auntie Mabel. She commands respect, but unfortunately also commands the wedding photographer on multiple occasions. Auntie Mabel will be guaranteed to tell you that you haven’t got Uncle Bob in that last shot you took when he really should have been in it. Uncle Bob was inside taking photographs, so we really should have gone to get him before that shot was taken, says Auntie Mabel. The trouble is, Auntie Mabel doesn’t necessarily understand what it was you were photographing, and why Bob definitely wasn’t needed. On the other hand, if you've got traditional group shots to do, she’s an absolute Godsend. She knows literally everyone at the wedding, and when she tells them to come for their photo, they know not to disagree!

3. Cousin Steve

Cousin Steve is an important guy. A busy guy. Smartphone in hand, he needs to stay well connected. But perhaps too well connected, because he finds it hard to put his phone down. There's a time for thumbing through your email feed, Steve me old friend, and it's not when you're standing at the edge of a group photo and everyone else is already looking at the camera!

4. Those pesky kids

They belong to someone. Someone who’s probably having quite a bit of wine, and I don’t blame them. They like to work in packs, the kids do - fuelled by jelly and Cola, running from one room to the other on the hunt for anything that they probably shouldn’t touch. Have we left a time-lapse camera running? That’s going to get “investigated”. Has the bride put single-use cameras on the tables? They’re going to get collected and used to take photographs of Lego men and feet. Have I left my spare batteries on charge? Yes. And that’s why I like to keep them out of the reach of little hands! At some point of the day, plasters will be required for scraped knees - but they’ll still be first on the dance floor (including before the first dance). And then fast asleep in the corner as the beats get going into the night.

5. Frank

I’m not quite sure who Frank is. But he’s plainly having a jolly good time. I didn’t really notice Frank that much at the ceremony, but during the after-dinner celebrations Frank really comes into his own. And also into a great deal of my shots! The ties are loosened, the wine is very, very much flowing - and Frank’s throwing some serious shapes at the disco. He loves a dance floor group shot, does Frank. And if you’re anywhere near the dance floor you can pretty much guarantee that Frank will be getting me to take his photo with you. Possibly twice. Cheers to Frank!

If you would like to see my event photography website, you're welcome to visit it here. I’m off for a geeky lens chat with Uncle Bob.

Street photography and wedding photography - a marriage made in heaven.

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