at the heart of the image

Street photography is at the heart of all my commissioned work.

It teaches us how to see, as well as look.

It teaches us how to predict, and be ready.

It teaches us how to translate a multitude of everyday narratives into a storytelling image.

It's where I continue to learn and experiment.

I'm a self-taught photographer and I love to keep art at the centre of my work. It's observation, intuition and artistic awareness that really inspire me to develop my photography - I love how the click of a camera can take a seemingly mundane detail or moment, and transform it into something more surreal or ambiguous.

In February 2020 I won Street Photographer of the year at the British Photography Awards.

Here's a bit more about why I enjoy the freedoms that come with street photography.

It gives you freedom to look.

It's a way to appreciate the constant wonders of life going on around us - things great and small that might otherwise have remained unseen. It's taught me to enjoy a heightened awareness of our surroundings, and to see the potential for images before they happen.

It gives you freedom from rules.

There are no rules within street photography - and as with much art, this is what truly unlocks the door to our own creativity and expression. It's also the most accessible form of photography there is. It's a clean slate for experimentation, where we can truly progress on our individual photographic journeys.

It's about others.

When it comes to photography - it's the most authentic, natural and immersive way to observe and find out about the infinite variety of people around us.

It's about you.

It's the best way to learn about ourselves as photographers - what we look for, what images appeal to us and how we choose to capture them. All that's needed is a camera, a place, and the desire for a challenge.

It's these qualities of street photography that I also love to take into my commissioned work.
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