Frequently Asked Questions – Wedding Photography

I’m always happy to chat photography! If you have any questions or queries, feel free to contact me on 07933 06 00 96 and I’ll see what I can do to help. Or, have a look and see if your query is already answered below.

Or, if you are interested in event photography, click here to take a look at my FAQ page for event photography.

I am looking for a wedding photographer, what happens next?

The first thing is to check I’m available at the right time. You can click on the “contact” button in the menu for my contact details, and I’ll let you know.

You can let me know more about what you’re looking for. You are welcome to ask any questions. I’m happy to meet for a chat, talk things over on the phone or just communicate via email – whatever you prefer.

I’ll also get in contact with you near the day for a catch-up, and to give you the chance to provide me with any new information. Or, you can of course get in touch with me at any time you like.

Will you be bossing people about?

No. I believe your photography should be about your wedding day – not that your wedding day should be about your photography!

I actually prefer not to direct you and your guests at all. This allows your day to progress naturally in front of the camera, and gives me the time to observe and react quickly to the natural, happiest moments happening between people throughout your day. I would like to photograph your wedding as it really happens – not as I make it happen.

My preference is to be an approachable but non-intrusive presence throughout the day. My documentary style of photography gives me the freedom to capture guests in the happiest, most natural poses – and your guests the freedom to enjoy themselves without being intruded upon.

So do you take any group photographs?

Many couples choose not to have any at all! However, I will of course take group photographs if they are important to you. If this is the case I would need a list of group shots required, with people listed per shot, in advance of the day.

What prices do you charge?

Have a look at my Prices and Availability page for further info. I’m also happy to tailor my packages and prices to suit you and your individual requirements.

Do you have transport?

Yes. I have travelled across the UK to work on commission and in fact I enjoy the opportunity to visit new places! I don’t charge for travel expenses unless an overnight stay is required, or in some cases when your wedding is a very long distance away from my home in Surbiton, Surrey. If this was the case we would arrange renumeration before work begins.

What can/can’t I do with my images?

You can do almost anything you like with your images, because I grant you what’s called a non-exclusive “licence of personal use” for your images.

For example, you can print and display as many of your images as you want for personal use, share them via the web or social media, and give them to your friends and family.

What’s not allowed is charging a fee for images, entering them in competitions, or providing images to a media or advertising organisation.

Copyright for all the images remains with me – this is standard practice, as it means I will be able to use some of your very best images to further promote myself and my business!

How will I receive my photographs?

You will receive your wedding photographs on your USB stick. I will also set you up with a password-protected online gallery of your images, from which you can download any photographs straight onto your computer. This is an easy way of sharing your photos with any friends or family.

You’ll have a large high-resolution image, and a small low-resolution image for each photograph. The small size images are what you’ll need for sharing images on social media. For this reason the small size images come with my discreet watermark in the corner. The large images are for everything else! (There is no watermark on the large versions of the images).

I can also provide you with beautiful personalised albums of your images. Have a look at my Prices and Availability page for further information.

When will I receive my photographs?

If required, I will aim to provide you with around five of your best images within a few days, allowing you to share them on social media. Generally speaking, your complete selection of wedding images will be available from 3-4 weeks after the day. Digital processing of your wedding photographs is a precise and time-consuming process. It’s here that I personally value quality over speed, when it comes to production of high-quality images you and your family can then treasure.

Due to variations in my schedule and the number of images per commission, I am unable to give you an exact timeframe for when you will receive your images.

Are my photographs safe?

My main camera safely backs up all images to a second memory-card as I shoot. I also have a backup camera, backup lenses, backup batteries, pretty much backup everything – allowing me to keep shooting in the unlikely event of an equipment malfunction.

Once shooting is complete, images are backed up on computer, external hard drive kept in a different location, and cloud drive – not to mention your personal online gallery, meaning they’re very safe and secure.

I generally keep my images backed up as long as reasonably possible, so even if you lose your own USB stick, just let me know and I’ll replace them for you if I can.

Are you insured?

Yes, both I and my equipment are fully insured.

Tell me about your photography.

I am a self-taught photographer. I love art and photography, and I love to keep art at the centre of my work. Whilst rules and method have an important place, my favourite results have always come from intuition, observation, artistic awareness and often surprise.

Back in 2005, I provided some images for Haymarket Publishing’s business publications – but I received my first independent freelance commission in 2008, for Auto Trader magazine. Meanwhile, I shot my first wedding back in 2012.

During the past eight years I have covered music and social events for clients including Universal Music / Decca Records, Rock Choir, a selection of individual bands, and private clients.

I have also exhibited and sold my panoramic photo collages since 2015.