About Chris Silk Photography

Why do I love street photography?

It gives you freedom to look. It’s a way to appreciate the constant wonders of life going on around us - things great and small that might otherwise have remained unseen. It’s taught me to slow down and enjoy a heightened awareness of our surroundings.

It gives you freedom from rules. There are no rules within street photography - and just like the best art, this is what truly unlocks the door to our own creativity and expression. It's a clean slate for experimentation. It's what makes us the photographers we really should be.

It’s about others. When it comes to photography - it’s the most authentic, natural and immersive way to observe and find out about the infinite variety of people around you.

It’s about you. It’s the best way to learn and find out about yourself as a photographer, and even as a person. What you look for, what you notice and how you choose to capture it. You just need a camera, a place, and the desire for a challenge.

I live in South West London and I’m a self-taught photographer. I love art and photography, and I love to keep art at the centre of my work. My favourite results have always come from intuition, observation, artistic awareness and even surprise.

I like to bring everything I love about street photography into my work.

Previous clients include Universal Music, Decca Records, Haymarket Publishing, Rock Choir, Contact The Elderly, Proximity London,, London String Group, churches, bands and private clients.

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